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  • October 1, 2021

Property Management - Scaling Your Off-market and Wholesale Real Estate Empire

A property manager is a company or individual who takes care of the day to day tasks assocaited with owning and operating a property.

FindOffMarket is Canada's Largest source for off-market and wholesale properties. We'll help you find the perfect investment property!

Who Needs Property Management?

Oftentimes the best investment properties aren't geographically located close to where you live as an investor. If you want to take advantage of the market and get the best ROI return on investment on your capital you should be looking across the country across the province or state and sometimes even internationally. What that means is you'll need somebody on the ground who can do all the hands-on work when it needs to be repaired when paperwork needs to be served in person or anything that requires that personal human connection and touch. Unless you love to travel and want to get on an airplane or drive every single time one of your tenants has an issue you'll need to work with a property management firm or a property manager.

How Much Does Property Management Cost?

These people's job is to make sure that everything is running smoothly all of the tenants happy all of the bills are paid on time and deal with any fires that need to be put out. In exchange for that they will typically earn a revenue share on the money coming in from the units typically somewhere between 8 to 12% in standard.

Where to Find Property Managemenrs?

If you would like help managing your properties and you're looking for you're looking to invest in properties outside of your geographic location we can help you make sure that the properties look good and manage them as you own them. We can help you get connected with property managers in every city vetted and help you find the right property that will make you the most bang for your buck. If you'd like to learn more please reach out.

Where do I find the Best Investment Properties?

You can either work with a real estate agent to look for listed properties, this method will likely have many competitors bidding on the property and is costly as the agents collect commission fees.
Another option is to sign up for mailing lists of individual wholesalers, but this is inefficient and requires consistantly monitor your emails.
Alternatively the easiest, fastest and cheapest way is to use FindOffMarket! We have the largest listing database of off market and wholesale properties in Canada. We aggregate the information and provide powerful data analytics tools to help you find the most profitable properties in a matter of clicks! Check out some link here:

Are You a Property Manager?

Reach out to us to discuss partnership opportunities.

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