65 acres in NS

x King Edward Ave

Asking: $200,000

Repair: $TBD



My dad is selling off a piece of land minutes from the town of Digby, NS. 65 acres, just off the highway. Has a working gravel pit on one end for ongoing income or good place to build. Lots of wood on the larger back part of the property. Be a great spot for a house, or excellent location for a campground or cabins, apartments, etc. Land is skyrocketing everywhere so won't be a better time to buy for a while. Asking 200k. Run the pit, pay for the land. Cut the wood, pay for the land. He's retiring and is selling most things off including his 1937 Indian Scout basket case that I never thought he'd part with

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Ottawa ON
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Oliver Beddows Oliver Beddows

Sales Executive

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[email protected] 123 900 68668



x King Edward Ave,
K1N 7M9

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